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Risk/RewardCandid stories of professional risk-taking from Sheryl Sandberg, Jim Cramer, Jane Pauley, Po Bronson, Rosanne Cash, Sallie Krawcheck, Anna Quindlen, David Carr, Seth Godin, John Eyler and many more talk about what it takes to get ahead in today’s workplace.  I reveal vital facts that will help readers understand the pros and cons of their approaches to job and career risk, and offers specific strategies that can help each of us flourish in the fluid new workplace. Risk/Reward is a practical navigation guide for making your way through uncharted territory at this unprecedented economic and cultural moment.


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its-always-personal“This will be one of the most fascinating and useful books you’ll ever read.  In this groundbreaking study, Anne Kreamer looks at emotion in the workplace through first-hand experiences, scientific research, and empirical data.  What’s the role of anger, fear, empathy, anxiety, and tears?  This book explains them in ways that will make you a better worker, boss, and human being.” – Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs

“Throughout this heartfelt book, Ms. Kreamer comes down on the side of accepting and expressing one’s authentic feelings, though in sensible and constructive ways.  It’s Always Personal is not a manifesto for workplace encounter groups, but the book does argue that greater emotional openness could lend vitality to American business, and it urges both men and women to ‘bring their full, true selves to the game.’” – The Wall Street Journal

“Big girls do cry – and yell – at work, according to this lively, well-researched exploration of emotions on the job.” – O: The Oprah Magazine

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going-gray“Like Nora Ephron with her bestselling I Feel Bad About My Neck, Kreamer’s book probes the taboo topic of aging in America, a culture that traditionally deifies youth.”  — USA Today

“To read Anne Kreamer’s Going Gray is to enjoy that comfortable illusions that you are chatting with a friend.  A friend whose confidences are told in a way that’s concise, entertaining, and thoughtful.” – The Chicago Tribune

“A gusto read…The book’s subject —  how and why an entire generation of women got hoodwinked into believing that dyeing one’s hair equals forever youth – is just too good a conversation to ignore.” – AARP The Magazine

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