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The Weep Profile was derived from an exclusive national survey of 818 women and 421 men, working Americans from all over the country, that I fielded in 2009 with J. Walter Thompson as research for my book It’s Always Personal. Based on an analysis of our survey responses we created four basic work-personality types. Taking this mini-survey will reveal your characteristic emotional response to typical workplace situations.*

Click here to take the mini-survey. It’s important to note that that each group includes successful people, no one category is disproportionately male or female, income levels are similar among the groups and being a member of one category or another is not necessarily predictive of occupational success or happiness. In the real world there is flux, and real people are individuals, with complicated personalities and work situations. Your results, however, can help you discover what kinds of circumstances or people most challenge you, and then, with the suggestions outlined in the book, develop skills for dealing with those kinds of people and situations. It might also be worthwhile to ask trusted colleagues to take the survey to discover if your self-perceptions conform with their experience of your workplace behavior.

I hope you enjoy taking the survey and find the insights helpful.

* The full survey The Emotions in the Workplace Segmentation Survey as a PDF.
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WEEP Survey

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