Brain Over Brawn by Anne Kreamer

What to do if your boss yells at you If someone is screaming at you at work, just imagine him or her as a 2-year-old.   What seems like a funny idea has serious science behind it.

What scientists call metacognition, or the ability to change the way you’re viewing a situation, allows you to If I can step back and see my big boss screaming at me as just a kid having a tantrum, it will empower me.”

In other words, you might not be able to change his bad behavior, but you can change how upset you get and whether you feel like a victim. You can take that lesson home from the workplace too. “We all have our personal narratives that we keep repeating over and over again about where we are in the world or who is to blame for different situations,” Anne says. “But as you get older, you realize you can change your view of yourself and your window on the world.” It’s not easy, and we don’t do it a hundred percent of the time, she says, but it helps us weather crises and move on gracefully.