Agile Development

Run Your Family Like A Business? by Anne Kreamer

  "A new generation of parents is taking solutions from the workplace and transferring them to the home.  From accountability checklists to branding sessions, the result is a bold new blueprint for family happiness."

Bruce Feiler of the Wall Street Journal reports on new approaches for navigating the tricky shoals of work-life balance.

"Like many parents, the Starrs were trapped between the smooth-running household they aspired to have and the exhausting, earsplitting one they actually lived in. "I was trying the whole 'love them and everything will work out' philosophy," she said, "but it wasn't working. 'For the love of God,' I finally said, 'I can't take this any more."  What the Starrs did next was surprising. Instead of consulting relatives or friends, they looked to David's workplace. They turned to a cutting-edge program called agile development that has rapidly spread from manufacturers in Japan to startups in Silicon Valley. It's a system of group dynamics in which workers are organized into small teams, hold daily progress sessions and weekly reviews.

As David explained, "Having weekly family meetings increased communication, improved productivity, lowered stress and made everyone much happier to be part of the family team."