It’s Always Personal

its-always-personalWHEN WAS THE LAST TIME you cried at work? Or didn’t know how to respond when one of your colleagues broke down? Did someone at work blow up at you – or did you yell at a co-worker? Do you wish people where you work laughed on the job more — or less? Or didn’t exasperate you constantly? Or showed a little tact and sensitivity? Or didn’t go to such ridiculous lengths to avoid telling it like it is?

buy-the-bookGuess what? You are not alone. Over the past two years I roamed the country talking to dozens of scientists and other experts and more than 200 ordinary Americans about their feelings – their positive emotions, their negative emotions, their crazy emotions — on the job. I made a lot of discoveries – such as the fact that a lot more men cry on the job than you’d think, saleswomen make more money during the ovulation phase of their cycles, and the cultivation of positive emotions isn’t some Pollyanna myth but a scientifically proven tool to better health and problem solving. Indeed, the more of your authentic emotional self you bring to work happier and more effective you will be.


Here’s a video interview Harvard Business Review created with me
on the best way to handle tears at work.



“Here are the office supplies – it’s also where people weep or sexually harass each other.”

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