facial cues

Botox and Emotional Expression by Anne Kreamer

In Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion, Carol Tavris wrote: "Modern psychologists have supported Darwin's idea that extreme emotions -- great joy, rage, disgust, fear -- are registered on the face, and that these facial expressions are universally recognized (and therefore biologically wired in). We should be happy for this bit of adaptvie advantage, too, these researchers add, because it means we will always be able to tell whether a stranger is happy or about to attach us in a fury."

Hmmm.....what does botox do to our ability to interpret facial cues? Are we be able to tell if our boss is upset?  Or pleased?

Because Botox prevents frowns, Rob Horning wondered what are the consequences if people always seem content?


Seems like the face of life experience might be evolving in unhelpful ways. What do you think?